Our Misfits that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge...



Left at the shelter in Lancaster as if he were trash by those that he trusted the most, 18 year old  Arnold was very ill as well as senile. We had the bittersweet privilege of pulling Arnold, showing him peace, and allowing him the dignity to pass with loving arms around him instead of in the terrifying surroundings the he was left in. He deserved that. They ALL do.



Itty bitty Brownie was like a baby fawn. She was mostly blind and had been left by her 'family' at the Castaic Shelter at 16yrs old. She was in her loving forever foster home for 1 year when she started experiencing congestive heart failure. We are positive it was the best year of her life  



Majestic was found wandering in an industrial area, and after weeks of searching for his owners (and even letting him spend time at SEACCA to see if they would claim him) we realized that no one was looking for him. He lived two fulfilling years with his foster, until he was diagnosed with a degenerative disease of his spine. We fundraised and he went under two different surgeries to try to fix things, however in the end was left paralyzed and suffering. His spirit will never be forgotten